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*~* Vegan Fast Food *~*

Im so hungry. This doesn’t help

Oh god damn it

for the love of god this is so important.

So important


Anonymous asked:

how do i get crows to like me?


Mostly, give them peanuts. They are a sucker for peanuts. Don’t creep on them. Have something distinctive like a sound that is non threatening that you make or the sound of your keys. Um, I sort of talk to them casually and ask then how their day is so they know my voice They have been known to recognize faces so make sure you look at them but not too much because wild animals often perceive prolonged eye contact as threatening.

Also, I’ve been irregular about the peanut giving because they can become entitled jerks real fast if all they see you as is a peanut dispenser. observe their familial order, see if you can distinguish them from each other. See if you can distinguish their different kinds of sound like calls to each other, alarm calls, and greeting calls. It’s weird, the other day we were walking to the store and I was listening to some crows that sounded different and I knew they weren’t “my” crows. They were 10 blocks away and they had their own unique sounds.

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